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High School Teachers 1999

HST'99 pages in original graphics

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This section is really for those who follow us in future Programmes at CERN.

We re-used the material from the pilot project of 1998 into a different format, one that we hope may form the skeleton of further development. 

In designing the site we have always tried to: 

  • Keep sections as small as possible - not always successfully!!!
  • Make the site accessible to everyone, so no Java, no frames, no complicated moving graphics that will slow old machines down too much; the html is deliberately simple. There are still a lot of computers out there which run too slowly for Java to be used routinely and which have a screen of 13" or so (and not just laptops), so that frames really take up too much screen space. This especially important because we hope to have access via the Outreach site which already uses frames. Frames within frames would be messy!

The original site map was drawn up a few days before we finished and was rapidly out of date. It was a gif file put together in Microsoft Publisher which proved in the end not very flexible - unless you happened to have Publisher...... The new version is simpler and in HTML. The map is the structure of the links, not of the files. It never quite works out that easily..... 

CERN and High School Teachers Programme at CERN. 

Last modified: 28 June 2002