Theory Application Synthesis Summary


In picture 1, you can observe the motion of a positive charge q, which is launched with an initial velocity Vx,

inside an electric field generated by an immobile charge Q. In picture 2, the graphs (r-t) or (F-r) are indicated.

picture 1 (vector F vector v) picture 2  (graph r-t graph F-r)

try different values for the initial velocity (0.1, 0.2, ... 1.4) 

Vx  m/s and observe the motion

Question: a) What is the Q charge's type? b) Describe the type of motion in all cases.

Exercise: Fot the case of circular motion, calculate: a) the period of the motion, b) the force between the charges (hint:use the time indicated in picture 1 and the distance from the graph) .